The Service Center

The Virtual Assistant business has only been around since 2008, when the great recession forced many businesses to restructure how they hire support staff. The Service Center was established in 2018 in Kuna, Idaho. Idaho was the chosen spot to build our support center because it has almost no risk of natural disasters (which can disrupt other service centers), the cost of living is much lower than other areas which saves on payroll costs, taxes are favorable for businesses, and there is a huge workforce of blue-collar, self-employed professionals here that we specialize in servicing. This allows us to grow quickly, and keep our overhead extremely low, passing along those savings to our clients and offering more services for way less than the competition.

The Service Center was created by a few small business owners because they, too, had a need for customer service support, but couldn’t afford to hire full time (and weren’t about to pay the astronomical rates other virtual assistant centers charge). So, they banded together, and formed a business model that would benefit all parties involved… the small business owner and self-employed professional, as well as the employees of the center, providing a steady income for all. A true win-win-win concept that works perfectly.

Building a business from the ground-up is no easy task. As most of our clients have done, we’ve spent countless hours honing our skills, perfecting our processes, and making the hard decisions that are required to succeed. We feel that out of 100 experts in a room, no two would define success in the same way. But, everyone knows what failure looks like. Our definition of success isn’t to make millions of dollars by exploiting our clients. We feel the relationships we create are more of partnerships with our clients, and we’re growing with them. Our commitment to our clients is to provide customer service that is nothing short of excellence, for a fair and affordable price. While other centers go after the deep pockets of the big corporations, we’re content with earning a fair, modest living while striving to help the small business professional. It helps us sleep better at night, and gives us peace of mind knowing that what we do not only helps the little guy, but lets him/her see their family more. If we can do all that, and make a living… then that’s success in our book.