Helping Small Businesses is Our Specialty

Isn’t it funny how your phone always seems to ring at the most inconvenient times? We understand that as a small business, when your customers are searching for your services, they’re calling multiple numbers and whoever answers first – wins. We are there for you, in case you’re unable to take the call, we will answer, schedule an appointment on your calendar, set up a text/email reminder for the customer and yourself, and track every bit of progress along the way. No more customers falling through cracks, papers getting lost, appointments getting missed, or calls going unanswered or unreturned.

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Customer Service Matters!

We believe that with technology advancing faster than human interactions can keep up, the world is losing sense of personal connections. We deal in customer service matters because we feel that personal customer service MATTERS. In a day where people communicate using technology so much, once in a while it’s nice to hear a friendly human voice answer my call and ask, “How can I help you today?”

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We work with many business types including:



Hair Stylists


Butcher Shops


Cleaning Companies


Massage Therapists


Law Offices


…and more!

We specialize in small businesses who rely on their phones to schedule appointments, and trade service professionals that are either a one-man show, or haven’t yet hired a full time secretary/assistant. Our list of specialties is very long, since so many trade service professionals’ customer service needs overlap so much. Such as, but not limited to, plumbers, electricians, contractors, builders, property managers, butchers, private schools, trade schools, realtors, real estate investors, residential/commercial security companies, financial planning firms, insurance agencies, golf courses, and more. Anyone who needs to do business over the phone, set appointments via phone/text/email, and doesn’t have the time to do it all day is a good client for us.Learn More About Our Services

Inbound Customer Service

Customer Service for all incoming calls, emails, texts and more.


Outbound Services

Including sales calls, appointment scheduling, event planning, voicemail return, auto-dialers and more.



Choose a few hours per day or up to 24/7 service with our scalable pricing.



Lower overhead, and 99.99% service reliability, we will always be ready without interruption.